Faster responses.

Fewer incidents.

More savings.

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Take Controls Of Operations

Increase mission effectiveness &
Organizational efficiency

Our Virtual Command Platform empowers your team with operational and mission-critical solutions for increased efficiency and levels of service. Keeping costs down and people safe.

  • Enhance Situational Awareness

    Make smarter, faster decisions with real-time video, text and audio streaming, between the command center and field teams

  • Integrate People & Technology

    Easily monitor and manage disparate data sources and view all operationally relevant information on one, clutter-free screen

  • Work Smarter Every Day

    Automate daily tasks, manage resources and predefined protocols to reduce workload and enhance efficiency

  • Record & Log Data

    Timestamped and geotagged data is automatically saved together for easy, reporting and enhanced debriefing

Drive pinpoint response
and enhance situational awareness.

Create new incident

Immediate situational awareness with automatic alerts and external device activation

Notifications in real time

Quick and efficient incident response with automatic team selection and push notifications

Real-Time Media Transfer

Enhanced collaboration and situational awareness with real-time location, text, audio and video sharing

User-Friendly & Culture-Free

All on a single, intuitive platform

GlobeKeeper's VCP is designed to look like apps you already know how to use - significantly decreasing training and adoption time.

Connect To Everything

connected software

Download GlobeKeeper onto the devices you already have. Connect to smart equipment for a hands-free experience.

Runs on any platform

“Thanks to GlobeKeeper we’ve been able to reduce our handling time
from 20 min to 7 min”

Captain Mike Fisher
Osceola County
Sheriff's Office

“Together with GlobeKeeper we've successfully reduced crime by 95% in their area, which subsequently led to an increase in property values of 84.3% in Hout Bay”

Keri Cross
Founder & Director
at CCP

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GlobeKeeper gives security personnel the tools for they need for real-time communication, collaboration and efficient operational management - on one centralized platform.